Gold Vatican Lira set

Weight: kg

Official set gold Vatican Lira coins.

Coins packed in glas.

Official certificat UFN.

Issued only 499 sets!

Gold coins - total 90,60 grams

Vatican last offcial coin set lira 2001

Weight: kg
Include silver coin 1000 Lir.

Vatican first offcial Euro set 2002 BU

Weight: kg
Issued only 65.000 sets.

Vatican 2002 proof.

Weight: kg

Vatican official euro set in box and with certificat.

Include 45 g silver medal.

Box it is not in perfect condition - see picture.Coins are in ferfect conditions.

Vatican euro set 2003 BU

Weight: kg
Issued 65.000 sets.

Vatikan euro set 2004  proof

Weight: kg

Include 45g  silver medal ,box and certificate.

Issued 13.0000 sets.

Vatican Euro set 2005 BU

Weight: kg

Official BU set.

Last coins with John Paul II .

Issued only 85.000 sets.

Vatican euro set 2005  proof

Weight: kg

Include 45g silver medal, box and certificate.

Last coins with Pope John Paul.

Issued 16.000 sets.

Vatican Sede vacante 2005 BU

Weight: kg
Issued 60.000 sets.

Vatican euro set 2006 BU

Weight: kg
First coin set with pope Benedict XVI.
Issued 85.000 sets.