Albin Potočnik s.p. and mutual obligations of individuals to purchase at the online store www.stamps-store.eu governed by these general conditions.
Buyer upon approval of the purchase agreement with the terms and conditions.
The buyer is a natural or legal person, taking into account information on the contract award.
For individuals subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.


When shopping at the online store not necessary membership or registration.

When awarding the contract to the buyer of your personal information, address, phone number and e-mail address, which is necessary for the realization of the contract.

Albin Potočnik s.p. all information received will be protecting privacy in accordance with the rules and in any case, the data received sky to third parties or used for other purposes.



Purchase online store at potrdtivi purchase by clicking "Submit Order" inconclusive.

After completing the purchase the buyer has the right to return goods purchased in accordance with 43.srticle consumer protection act.

Purchase procedure:

-Buyer to click on an image or product description to obtain information about a particular product

Buyer-user product selection and confirmation button "buy" and has the following options:

 - Opens a page on which the price of the article and the number of items available - choose the number of products

-Product is placed in a basket with a confirmation button "add to cart" and proceed with the purchase of

- The confirmation button "buy" to confirm purchase and open the following window

- The confirmation fold "Cancel" to return to previous page


After approving the button "buy" window opens:

- Content acquisition in the basket (by clicking on the trash can delete items from cart)

- Choice of payment method

- The total sum to be paid (including VAT and postage costs payment)

- Fields with information about the customer


At the bottom of the page with a confirmation button:

- "Submit Order" shall execute the order and is no longer possible cancellation

- "Change orders" empty boxes with customer data

If a customer wishes to withdraw from the purchase or change the order is returned by clicking "back" in the Internet browser program.


For incoming items may be awarded the contract.

Contract out the same as buying.

In the description of the article is written in the expected time of delivery.

Same time the article written in the description that the payment is made only at the time of the article.
The advances are not adopted.


Albin Potočnik s.p. reserves the right to refuse orders to customers whose information (phone, e-mail) is not useful .


The buyer has the right within 14 days of receipt of goods in writing to the Albin Potočnik s.p. to withdraw from the purchase, without having to be the reason for .Count that the message is timely, if a shipment is submitted within the deadline. The only cost incurred by the buyer in connection with the assignment of the purchase is a direct cost of returning goods. The latter is returned to the company within 30 days after notification of the withdrawal.

The product should be the recovery of intact, unused and in original packaging.

The proceeds will be returned to the customer's bank account within 30 days.

Recovery is not possible to:

-Newspapers, catalogs and similar periodicals

-If the product is made on the instructions of the customer and tailored to his needs oz.posebaj Subscribe to the customer

-If the contract is made a legal or natural person who is gainfully employed regardless of its legal form or ownership status are not subject to provisions of the Consumer Protection Act on the conclusion of distance contracts


Mail courier service performs d.d. Slovenia.

The program will calculate the postage list of Post of Slovenia, which is the cost of the buyer.

Prices Sovenije Post is available on the website of Post: www.posta.si

All shipments will be sent by registered mail.

All products will be sent within two working days, except for items that are not in stock and delivery time is described in the description of the item.

In the case of damaged shipments, the buyer is obliged only to immediately advertise the post at the reception.

In the case of lost items is the responsibility of thedelivery firm.

Post of Slovenia operates in accordance with the legislation on the postal service, details are available on the Post of Slovenia: www.posta.si



-Cash on delivery: ordered goods and the postage paid on receipt mail - valid only for adresses in Slovenia

Payment via pay-pal system (the costs of receiving remittances is charged a flat rate cost of 3% of total)

-Transfer to bank account

Post of Slovenia and the Bank for any payment cost calculated in accordance with their scales.

These costs are not included in the price of products on www.stamps-store.eu.


Validity of prices for selected goods on the date of contract award.


Any disputes shall be resolved in a competent court of.


For any confusion orquestions is available E-mail: